Here are a few examples which demonstrate the range and success of  projects undertaken using Signature Engraving’s products. Projects have been run using our products throughout Australia and overseas.  Unlike our competitors, projects using Signature Engraving’s products will withstand the test of time.

Leukaemia Foundation (SA)

Signature Engraving continues to assist with our ongoing ‘Paver Appeal’, giving supporters the opportunity to help build a place of hope by purchasing a personal paver that will be laid in the Bridgestone Australia Leukaemia Foundation Village.  The purpose built Village is designed specifically to provide a “home away from home” for regional blood cancer patients and their families, who must relocate to Adelaide for vital treatments.   Regional patients and families staying at the Village are reminded of the support around them as they see the pavers generously donated by our sponsors.

We thank Signature Engraving for providing our sponsors with an avenue to share their personal message of hope that will be seen and appreciated for many years to come

Laurena Marzocca – Leukaemia Foundation SA/NT

The Tamworth Marsupial Park Adventure Playground

The Tamworth Marsupial Park Adventure Playground was built on the support of the community, through donations and fundraising. One of the primary and most successful fundraising activities came through the sales of variety of personalised, picture, logo and name pavers through Signature Engraving. The cost to engrave and manufacture the pavers was low, enabling us to generate a significant amount of funds to go towards the paths approaching the playground and some surplus for the playground itself.

The community loved the idea of having names and logos and other life long memories engraved into pavers, which will be there for all to see well into the future, the collection of pavers standing as a moment in time representing members of the community who will be known as life time supporters of the project, their names and logos are etched in history, thanks to Signature Engraving.

Charles Impey

Herevy Bay RSL Sub-Branch Inc.

To commemorate the Centenary of ANZAC, the Hervey Bay RSL Sub-Branch and the community extended its current Memorial grounds with a new Monument.  Two black granite walls depict a World War 1 trench and a Lighthorse bronze statue represents our brave ANZAC jumping over that trench on his way to battle.

Signature Engraving were fantastic and helpful to deal with, in the creation of the pavers that we offered to Veterans and their families to purchase.  In addition to the Veterans name, the pavers also have the service badge of the Veteran engraved into it, which were placed on the granite walls of the Monument.Lisa Tietz – Business Manager

Vietnam Veterans’ Commemorative Walk, Seymour

Over the last few years, the Vietnam Veterans’ Commemorative Walk has been created in High Street, Seymour to honour all those who played a part in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam Veterans’ Association Mitchell Sub Branch raised many thousands of dollars utilising Signature Engraving’s engraved pavers, and in particular, logo panels. This effective means of fundraising assisted the Sub Branch in making the development of the Walk a reality and a truly unique and special place.

Austin Hospital

A large installation using Signature Engraving pavers was used to create the Austin Hospital’s Commemorative Circle, Steps and Wall. The 1000’s of donations were recognised by way of engraved pavers installed around the Commemorative Circle, and adhered to the Commemorative Wall. In total Signature Engraving produced over 8000 engraved pavers raising millions of dollars for the Hospital which contributed to the construction costs and new equipment for the new Hospital buildings in the mid-2000s.

Tintern Early Learning Centre

Coolabah Landscapes came to Signature Engraving seeking to create some customised engraved sandstone and granite ‘pieces’ for the Tintern Early Learning Centre’s playground. Signature Engraving created a number of pieces for Cooolabah including a rooster, butterfly, dinosaur, dedication plaques, amongst many others. The engraved pieces have contributed to the playground being a unique and truly inspirational space for the children.

Bespoke signage created for country property using Signature Masonry Signage

According to Peter Chiavaroli, owner of Marnong Farm in Victoria, he wanted bespoke signage for the gate to his country property and Signature Engraving took his ideas and made them a reality using Signature Masonry Signage.

We are thrilled with the signage at the entrance to the farm and feel it makes a fantastic statement about what lies beyond.  I recommend Signature Engraving to anyone looking for engraved pavers or masonry signage of any typePeter Chiavaroli, owner of Marnong Farm

School has significant success using Signature fundraising bricks

Brisbane’s Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) has experienced success with two effective fundraising campaigns using Signature Engraving’s fundraising bricks.

The first Signature fundraising campaign was for the School’s new Sports Centre.  The School community was offered the opportunity to create a permanent record of their support by purchasing a brick with their name engraved on it.  The campaign was a major success with more than 1000 bricks sold and then placed randomly in a wall at the entrance to the centre.

The other major fundraising project, for the School’s Centenary celebrations, was a refurbishment of the School’s assembly hall, which has great significance to past students. The engraved bricks to be used in this wall were only offered to the School’s ‘Old Boys’.

The response was excellent with almost 1500 ‘brick donations’ made.  Warren Sturgess, Director of Philanthropy at the Churchie Foundation, said the take-up rate was exceptional.  He said that they were delighted that, in addition to the bricks, “a major donor agreed to match the community effort” adding to the overall success of the campaign.

City of Whitehorse Council

Signature Masonry Signage was used to produce the large City of Whitehorse sign in 2004 at a ‘gateway’ entry point to the municipality. This photo was taken in December 2012 – as you can see the engraved portion of the sign has withstood the elements of the Australian environment on a busy road for over 8 years!