There is increasing pressure for many organisations to generate new sources of income during this time of economic ‘slowdown’ and Government spending cutbacks. Given this climate, carefully planned fundraising initiatives have become even more essential.

For more than 20 years Signature Engraving has been helping organisations Australia-wide with fundraising projects of all sizes. Our personalised engraved bricks and pavers can help you raise funds and provide permanent recognition of your donor’s generosity at the same time.

Signature Engraving caters to all fundraising needs by offering an extensive range of engraved fundraising products, including name bricks and pavers, brick facings and logos (engraved into a single paver or larger paver panel). We even engrave hand-drawn images!

We have assisted a wide range of organisations including:

  • Schools, Kindergartens & Universities
  • Sporting Clubs (all types including AFL/NRL Clubs)
  • Churches
  • Returned Services Leagues (RSL’s)
  • Hospitals
  • State and Federal Government department’s
  • Lions & Rotary clubs
  • Surf Life Saving clubs
  • Scout and Girl Guide groups
  • Animal welfare groups (including the RSPCA)
  • Museums and Libraries
  • Many other community organisations

A Signature Engraving fundraiser example

In simple terms, your fundraiser using our products can work like this.

You set the price for which each engraved brick/paver/tile will be sold to your community.

Signature Engraving then provides the personalised engraved product to you at a wholesale price. The difference between those two costs is the clear profit to your organisation.

For example, if you buy each engraved paver for $16.90 (plus GST) and sell it to donors for $40.00 (plus GST) then each paver is making your organisation $23.10 per paver in profit!

Multiply that profit by the number of pavers you sell!

The above is a conservative example and yet it is still achieves in excess of 100% profit!

The potential applications of Signature Engraving’s products are many and varied, but importantly they will provide a really attractive addition to your built environment!  It just needs a bit of imagination.