Signature Engraving’s product range is broad which gives flexibility to fundraising projects. This allows fundraisers to offer a range of products (eg. single, double and triple pavers) which, in turn, allows for varying levels of contribution. For example, a family may purchase a single name paver, but a business or company may buy a logo panel with their company logo engraved on it. Choose from our proven product range or talk to us about customising a product to suit your requirements.

Name bricks and pavers

Names or messages are permanently engraved into single bricks (230x76x110mm) or pavers (230x115x40mm, 230x230x40mm or 300x300x40mm) which are then incorporated into walls (ie. bricks) or walkways (ie. pavers), recognising the support of contributors. The applications for this type of fundraising are limitless, as it works very well with other Signature Engraving products or on its own. Note: you get 37/38 pavers per square metre of area.

Take a look at our FAQ’S for more information.

Double / Triple / Quadruple Paver Sets

Names and messages are engraved over one, two or more pavers and are enclosed by an engraved border. This product is perfect for organisations who wish to offer different levels of recognition for different levels of donation, thereby maximising participation across different price points. It also suits larger groups or families who would like to recognise a number of different names on their donor pavers. Dimensions for Double/Triple/Quadruple engraved paver sets are a mulitple of the single paver dimensions (ie. a Triple Paver set has dimensions of 230x345x40mm approximately). PLEASE NOTE: Double/Triple/Quadruple paver sets are NOT AVAILABLE IN AN ENGRAVED BRICK FORMAT because bricks in a wall are off-set to provide structural integrity. However, whilst pavers are traditionally placed/mounted in the ground on a bed of concrete or compacted sand, many of our customers have adhered pavers to a wall to allow for the inclusion of Double/Triple/Quadruple pavers sets, and also Business Logos and Panels.

Hand Drawn Images

Signature Engraving’s technology allows us to engrave hand drawn images onto pavers (230x115x40mm), making these a great fundraiser for schools and kindergartens. It is also an enjoyable way for children to be creative and leave a lasting impression. This product works very well in conjunction with all types of Signature Engraving’s paver fundraising products including Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple pavers, Single and Business Logos, and Large Clay pavers (for logos or messages).

Single Paver Logos

This fundraising product allows supportive businesses to have their logos permanently engraved onto a single paver (230x115x40mm). This product works best in conjunction with Name Pavers, Hand Drawn Images and Business Logo Panels. Fundraisers can use this product to entice businesses to make a larger contribution as it creates an effective advertisement.  Note: This works best with simple business logos with little detail.  A larger format paver (or paver panel) would be required if logos are more detailed.

Business Logo Panels

These allow larger businesses / organisations to have their logo engraved into a panel of pavers in recognition of a much larger donation. This product works well in conjunction with Single Paver Logos and Name Pavers, creating a fundraising campaign that allows for different levels of recognition. We have a number of different types/combinations of Business Logo Panels available. Sizes of panels are dependent on the combination (and multiple of) pavers ordered. Panels can be a combination of pavers 230x115x40mm, 230x230x40mm or 300x300x40mm. Popular panels include a 4x230x230x40mm, 16x230x230x40mm, 4x300x300, 9x300x300 and 12x300x300. However, Signature Engraving is more than happy to accommodate and customise any panel to suit the customer’s requirements. Please call our office to discuss your options.

Engraved Brick Facings

Messages and names can be engraved into Brick Facings (230x76x14mm). They are ideal for organisations that may not have room to create a new wall or walkway. They can be adhered to an existing (standard) brick wall and similarly, adhered to a concrete (tilt slab) or lightweight rendered wall. They are available in Red and Cream colours.  Note – this is a discontinued line so please contact Signature Engraving to check availability.

Engraved Clay Tiles

Messages, names and logos can also be engraved into wall or floor tiles (330x330x15mm). They are an attractive and robust alternative to brass plaques, and are easily attached to existing structures. This product is ideal for organisations that may not have room to create a new wall or walkway. The large tiles are ideal for engraving Business Logo’s into, particularly when used in conjunction with the Engraved Brick Facings. Note – this is a discontinued line so please contact Signature Engraving to check availability.

Large Clay Pavers

These large square clay pavers (300x300x40mm) can be engraved with names and are ideal for logos either as individual pavers or as a larger paver panel.  These are available in Red, Sand, Gold and Pewter colours.

Address Bricks

Engraved address bricks are available from Signature Engraving. We can do these in a number of different styles and /or we can customise them to suit your requirements. Please call our office on 1800 074 289 for further details.

Customised Plaques (Marble or Granite)

Customised engraved marble plaques are available from Signature Engraving. Please call our office on 1800 074 289 for further details.

Customised Engraving

Customised engraved pavers are available from Signature Engraving. Customer’s love using these for dedications, time capsule headers, honour boards, etc. There are many different applications. Please call our office for details.