Frequently Asked Questions

The Information Pack includes our Project Support Flyer (with products & pricing), an engraved sample paver (unless otherwise specified), a CD with templates (to assist you in preparing order forms), and the Engraving Order Record (spreadsheet) for entering all the names/messages into. If you have any queries surrounding the Information Pack, do not hesitate to give our office a call on 1800 074 289.
Apart from priding ourselves on a high level of customer service and support, we are really proud of the broad range and the high quality products that we offer. Some of the key reasons to choose Signature Engraving include:

  • Experience – Signature Engraving is the oldest masonry engraving business operating in Australia.  We have been do this type of work for over 20 years now!
  • Quality – we apply an ink/stain process to the engraved portion of the brick/paver/tile, which ensures the greatest longevity and cleanest finished product.
  • Flexibility – Signature Engraving’s technology allows us the greatest flexibility with regard to the engraving process. This includes the ability to offer a variety of font types, broad levels of customisation and superior finishes to our engraved logos/masonry signage.
  • Production Times – we offer the quickest turnaround time for production, which is generally around 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Price Competitive – at Signature Engraving we offer the customer the best value for money – the highest quality products at the industry’s most competitive prices. Also factor in that we offer free freight for all orders above 100 units and we believe that you will agree that we are the best choice for your fundraising project!
  • Fat Free and Environmentally Sound – engraved bricks and pavers are a fat free and environmentally responsible way of delivering a fundraising project.
Within our paver line we offer four colours. They are all from the Clay Pave “Regal” range and are called “Rojo” (red), “Sand” (cream), “Gold” (golden) and “Pewter” (silver/brown). They come in sizes 230x115x40mm, 230x230x40mm and 300x300x40mm.  Our range provides greater options for our customers.

We stock two colours of bricks – red and cream. They are manufactured by the Austral Brick Co. and are part of the “Symmetry” series – ie. “Symmetry Red” or “Symmetry Cream”.

The total number of characters per paver/brick is dependent on the product you are ordering. A character can be any letter, number, punctuation mark or space. For example, on a single name paver or brick, the maximum number of characters you can fit is 48 over a maximum of three lines (i.e. 3 lines of 16 characters = 48 characters total). A Double Name Paver can have a max. of 14 characters per line over a max. of 6 lines (total 84 characters) – there are fewer characters per line because the Double Name Paver has a border around the edge.
Assuming prompt proof reading and payment, our general ‘rule of thumb’ with production times is about 4 to 6 weeks. Often, the production time ends up being quicker than that. Most other engraving companies have much longer lead times. The bulk of our orders come in the months leading up to Christmas so, if in doubt or if you have a pressing time frame, give our office a call on 1800 074 289 to discuss.

We are a Melbourne based company but we deliver Australia wide. We also offer free delivery for orders above 100 units (mainland Australia only).

If your order is small and is being posted (Australia Post), generally we would allow between 3 – 14 business days for delivery depending on your location. We can provide an Express Post service (subject to availability) for very small orders, but this is obviously at an increased price.

For larger orders, pavers/bricks/tiles are transported by road on pallets. Again, this can generally take between 3 – 14 business days depending on you location.

We are not a retailer of blank bricks and pavers. However, where customers require small quantities of blanks (up to 200-300) we are happy to assist if possible. Alternatively, we will be happy to direct you to a distributor in your area.
We don’t have a minimum order. You can order just one engraved paver/brick/tile if you wish. However, there is a nominal pro rata price increase for small orders (under 37 units). Please call our office for details.
We use upper case Avant Garde as our ‘default font’. However, and as opposed to other engraving companies, we can vary the font (subject to suitability). Popular alternatives include Helvetica and Arial. Please call our office on 1800 074 289 to discuss.
The best way to submit your order for engraved name bricks or pavers is by email. The key is to fill the Engraving Order Record with all the data/names/messages and also complete the “Shipping” tab. So basically, make sure you include details of:

  1. Your organisation’s name (whom to invoice, address) – “Shipping” tab.
  2. Your full contact details (including mobile phone number, 2nd point of contact, etc.) – “Shipping” tab and body of email.
  3. Attach your “Engraving Order Record” (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) with the names entered (in correct format) – remember to mention if you are posting any hand drawings also!
  4. List the product you wish to have the names engraved on (pavers, bricks, tiles or brick facings) and any special requests.
  5. Confirm the colour of product you wish to have engraved (eg. Rojo red, Sand, Gold, or Pewter pavers, Red or Cream bricks or brick facings, etc.)
  6. Provide the delivery address (is there a forklift on-site?) – “Shipping” tab
For over 15 years we used Austral Brick Co. smooth faced pavers from the Classic (then Terrace) series. We offered red and cream colours and they had dimensions of 230x115x50mm. Austral ceased manufacturing smooth faced pavers in early 2011 and as such we sourced a new supplier – Clay Pave Pty Ltd. We now offer engraved pavers by Clay Pave in four colour types (Rojo (red), Sand, Gold & Pewter) which have dimensions of 230x115x40mm, 230x230x40mm and 300x300x40mm (Gold, Sand & Pewter Only). Please contact us to discuss paver types and availability. We are also more than happy to discuss customisation with you.