A Signature Engraving fundraiser example

In simple terms, your fundraiser using our products can work like this.

You set the price for which each engraved brick/paver/tile will be sold to your community.

Signature Engraving then provides the personalised engraved product to you at a wholesale price. The difference between those two costs is the clear profit to your organisation.

For example, if you buy each engraved paver for $16.90 (plus GST) and sell it to donors for $40.00 (plus GST) then each paver is making your organisation $23.10 per paver in profit!

Multiply that profit by the number of pavers you sell!

The above is a conservative example and yet it is still achieves in excess of 100% profit!

The potential applications of Signature Engraving’s products are many and varied, but importantly they will provide a really attractive addition to your built environment!  It just needs a bit of imagination.